Rare & Ready: A Genetic Condition Coalition

Rare & Ready: A Genetic Condition Coalition believes state policies must make sure that patients with rare or genetic conditions can get the care they need. These patients deserve access to new FDA-approved therapies as soon as they are available. We need to mitigate state Medicaid program hurdles that limit access.

Patients with Rare & Genetic Disorders Deserve Timely Access to New Treatments

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  • Patients with rare conditions served by Medicaid must have timely access to new FDA-approved therapies.
  • Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) and Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) must have a specific timeframe and transparent processes for clinical review and setting coverage criteria for new drugs.
  • Patient access in Medicaid FFS and Medicaid MCOs must not be limited by coverage criteria that are more restrictive than the FDA label.
  • Exceptions for step therapy for rare disease therapies are needed.

Patients with Rare & Genetic Disorders Deserve Timely Access to Care by Medical Experts

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  • Many states do not allow patients with rare conditions to use telehealth to access physician specialists who practice medicine in other states.
  • With a limited number of medical experts in rare conditions, telehealth across state lines is critical to accurate diagnosis and good disease management.

Patients with Rare & Genetic Disorders Deserve Timely Access to Gene and Cell Therapies

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  • For many rare conditions, medical progress is moving from treating symptoms to actually addressing the underlying cause of the disorder through gene and cell therapies.
  • To ensure patient access, we need reimbursement models - like outcomes-based arrangements (OBAs) - that are equally as innovative as the therapies themselves.
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